Professional and Efficient Groundworks Contractors in Parbold

Groundworks Contractors in ParboldGroundworks contractors in Parbold are generally the first up when getting a new construction project underway. The only exception would be if the building site needed clearing. At Greenkeeper Lawncare, as groundworks contractors, our primary goal is to prepare the underground surfaces for a new building. We want to make sure the land is stable, discover any problems with drainage and/or contamination and then implement solutions. What we find through our ground investigation may determine what can and cannot be built on the site. Our experienced team brings our skills in land investigation and management to bear on all projects. The work we do meets the legal requirements of local authorities.

Before a foundation is laid for new construction, our groundworks contractors test the soil and make recommendations.  For projects in Parbold, groundworks contractors need to make sure the ground is level and stable enough to support the weight of the foundation and the building on it. We will make recommendations for depth of foundation and any needed supports for foundation walls. Drainage management is a critical service carried out by our team as part of our groundworks contracting. Drainage design may be needed where there is excess water and no natural drainage of the land. This is where any threat of flooding is addressed; before the land improvements are built.

As groundworks contractors in Parbold, we are there after construction is complete to advise on landscaping preparation and implementation. For instance, the desired slope for the driveway and the installation. Also, soil preparation and then installation of turf or seed. We can advise and carry out both hardscape and garden scape according to your plans or our own; whichever you prefer. Contact Greenkeeper Lawncare before you make a final commitment to purchase land and/or to build on the land. We can help you decide the best use for the property. We can also advise and carry out remediation work needed to see your building plan through. The final result is a solid foundation on a properly prepared site with adequate drainage and an excellent beginning for all your landscaping.