We offer a professional ground care service to companies that need to maintain their office grounds on a regular basis. Specialising in groundworks, we can provide a tailored solution that offers high standards of service in order to keep your business grounds in pristine condition.

First impressions last and this is never more apparent than when you visit a potential new client and see immediately how their business premises look. Well attended lawns and grounds give the impression the company you are visiting is well organised; while not only attracting potential business relationships for the future but also increasing morale within your own staff, that in-turn grows productivity.


At Greenkeeper Lawn Care, our specialist groundworks service will provide a comprehensive ‘all year round’ management of your office grounds, offering on-site visits to ascertain what is required and implementing an appropriate maintenance programme.

For more information please get in touch for a free no obligation quote for commercial ground care from the experts at Greenkeeper Lawncare.

At Greenkeeper Lawn Care we understand that solid, reliable groundworks are a crucial part of many projects and it’s important that the job is done correctly and will stand the test of time for many years to come.