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For the very best Groundworks in Lancashire speak to the specialists at Greenkeeper Ground Solutions. As fully qualified groundwork specialists, we have the 'knowledgeable edge' over our competitors, understanding all the aspects attributed to Groundworks in Lancashire.

Drainage is not such a straight forward process as people make out! Installation of Drainage by Greenkeeper Ground Solutions will remedy boggy, waterlogged land making it suitable for whatever your requirements are. Greenkeeper Ground Solutions are experts in Drainage solutions with years of experience.

Just because Building Foundations are not visible once the house is built, doesn’t mean they are not vitally important. Whether you’re laying a large building foundation for a log cabin, timber-built office or simply preparing a lightweight base for a shed, greenhouse or log store, Greenkeeper Ground Solutions provide economic and eco-friendly Building Foundations to suit your needs.

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We offer a comprehensive service for domestic and commercial customers that includes:
  • Groundworks
  • Garden Care
  • Office Care
  • Sports Care
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Coronavirus Statement: Business nearly as usual

We want to let you know how we're handling business during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The office is manned by one person and calls should be answered in normal business hours.
If not please call 07703 800538

Please send in your enquiries with as much information as possible and quite often we may be able to answer your query without a site visit.

We often are able to give quotes if the information is sufficient.

As far as site visits go, we will assess each one individually. If we feel confident that the visit can be carried out in a safe manner, according to government outlines, then we are still going to do that.

We are fully aware of our responsibilities but as our services are performed outside we feel confident that we would be more than following the social distancing guidelines for our customers.

Please call Adam on 07703 800538


email  : [email protected]