Drainage Contractor in Eccleston, Providing Effective Solutions to Waterlogged Properties

Drainage Contractor in EcclestonOur drainage contractor in Eccleston is here to help you with your frequently flooded or waterlogged garden. It may come as a surprise, but sometimes, a garden that used to drain rainwater quickly and easily can sometimes turn into a small marshland after heavy rainfall. Sometimes, it’s the work of nature, and sometimes the reasons can be purely man-made. For instance, if you’ve just built a shed that has poor guttering work or you’ve just installed a new driveway that interferes with the proper drainage of water, or topsoil and subsoil may have been mixed, creating an impermeable surface, thus, causing pools of water in your garden.

A waterlogged garden can cause more than just damage to your plants and your lawn, especially after days of heavy rainfall. In Eccleston, our drainage contractor can provide you with appropriate solutions that will ensure the next time it rains, your garden will not be waterlogged. At Greenkeeper Lawncare, our specialisation lies in garden maintenance and groundskeeping, and whatever your different needs, we can be of assistance. Gardens need to be properly drained, either by installing underground draining systems or by using the right soil or sometimes just planting the right types of plants. Therefore, if you are at a loss at what to do, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will work together to find a good and effective solution. Sometimes, it can be a simple case of installing a swimming pool that cause poor water drainage, as this may divert the course of water under the ground. But the most common cause of waterlogged gardens in the UK is the existence of water-retentive clay layer which prevents water from being absorbed to the ground.

Our drainage contractor in Eccleston will provide recommendations and solutions. These can include installing drains, levelling the ground, landscaping the grounds, or installation of a proper guttering system. The solution will be provided only after our contractor has checked your land and found the cause. For more details or an affordable quote, contact Greenkeeper Lawncare. Rest assured, our years of experience make us the experts you will want to work on your waterlogged garden.