Experienced and Professional Groundworks Contractor in Rufford

Groundworks Contractor in RuffordGreenkeeper Lawncare is a groundworks contractor in Rufford. Groundworks is part of our comprehensive services that include the installation and regular maintenance of your domestic and commercial space. For new builds, we want to get there first to make sure the subsurface and proper drainage is there before any building or landscaping is installed. It’s the subsurface that has to support whatever you put on top. You need to know where the drains, cables, water lines, gas pipes and underground electrics are laid and if they’re in good condition. We don’t want to install a gorgeous garden only to dig it up later because the drainage is inadequate.

Groundworks includes the preparation of the subsurface for hardscape projects like driveways, patios and waterfalls or ponds. In Rufford, groundworks contractor knows what’s underground and where it’s at before we start laying turf and paver blocks. If you want outdoor lighting, we’ll know where the electrical service is. You don’t want flooded areas so before we begin we change the drainage if necessary so there’s water for plants to thrive but not pooling which drowns roots. When additional drains, water pipes or electrical extensions are needed to complete your landscaping project, we can do the excavation and tie them in. Our building foundations will suit your needs, whether house, shed or patio. All of our work is eco-friendly.

When you us as your groundworks contractor in Rufford, you get the total package. We can also carry out the landscape and hardscape installation as well as the foundation. If you choose we also have maintenance experts to keep your property looking beautiful. However, groundworks comes first. What’s underground must be known and factored in which is why each project is a custom project.  Unfortunately, this is the step do-it-yourselfers often overlook. Contact Greenkeeper Lawncare for a full complement of services for your commercial or domestic property. We have over fifteen years experience with a solid reputation in the industry and with our local clients. We are staffed with skilled and experienced experts in each phase of groundworks and landscaping. Our prices, like our customer service is unbeatable.