Drainage Contractors in Croston, Professional, Experienced and Affordable

Drainage Contractors in CrostonDrainage contractors in Croston are often needed for new build sites to make sure water drains away from structures properly without fear of seepage into the foundation and basement. Other times, a drainage problem arises in certain areas of a property that had no problem with flooding before. Where once the soil absorbed the water fine you observe that it takes longer and longer over the years until finally the soil stays flooded and boggy all the time. It might be in a low area so there’s no more room for the flood water to go. This can occur in a corner of your garden preventing plants from flourishing or a section of a sports field or a large housing development. The problem won’t reverse itself so to resolve it you need the expertise of a drainage contractor.

What is frequently at the heart of the drainage problem you’re experiencing is poor soil. In Croston, drainage contractors can resolve the problem for you. Soil gets compacted over time, especially if it has a high clay content. Drainage may have been fine for years but eventually, the portion of the soil that was sand and silt, which allowed water to drain becomes depleted and only gummy clay is left, which will not allow water through. It is not porous and has no air pockets. One simple solution we often use with success is to excavate all that clay soil layer out. We then replace it with gravel which will allow water to filter through and disperse into the lower soil layers. If the flooding is severe, a drain may need to be installed and connected to a drainage pipe before covering with gravel.

We are drainage contractors in Croston but we are also landscapers. Once the soil has been excavated, hauled away and then replaced with gravel, we can create an aesthetically pleasing landscape. This would be a good place to incorporate a garden waterfall which recycles the water or even a pond area. The area can also be camouflaged with natural native plants. Contact us if you have a drainage problem. We’ll come out to your property, investigate the landscape and propose solutions from which you can choose. Count on our 15 years of experience and multiple landscaping and drainage specialities for your project. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the result.