Sports Turf Management in Bamber Bridge

Sports Turf Management in Bamber BridgeSports turf management in Bamber Bridge is expertly done by Greenkeeper Lawncare. With fifteen years’ experience our specialised grounds keepers know the importance of the basics like, proper drainage, mowing height and consistency of care. Grass is one of the hardest plants to grow and maintain in healthy condition. Add to that the many factors of care that contribute to the playability of sport turf. That means the fast greens and attention to the factors that influence the green speed. We monitor the playability with specialised tools that measure the speed of the turf. We work daily toward the goal of maintaining the speed consistency of the turf. Game after game and especially during tournament play.

The steps to a fast green are many and repetitive for consistency. In Bamber Bridge, sports turf management includes mowing once and sometimes twice a day to height of  3 to 6 mm. Rolling the grass is tricky because if we don’t roll it, high or low spots develop and if we roll too much, the grass gets matted. Aeration promotes root health and drainage while dethatching keeps the grass blades upright which makes for a faster course. We thin out the clumps to prevent slow spots. With all these steps and more, we still have to maintain a weed and feed schedule and a watering routine. The steps must be exact for a smooth and fast playing field. You can do less and still have a beautiful garden lawn but for sports play conscientious attention to details make all the difference.

We make adjustments in all phases of sports turf management in Bamber Bridge because care is customised to the sport. Lawn tennis, golf and football have their particular specialisations. All of our greenkeepers have a background in turf management for sports having been trained to City and Guilds standards. We are certified to handle the pesticides safely. Contact Greenkeeper Lawncare for sports turf management for your playing field. As members of the British and International Greenkeepers Associations we are confident you will be satisfied with our skills. Experienced sports turf management is important for the best playing surface but also for the safest playing surface to avoid injury.