Lawncare Service in Preston

Lawncare Service in PrestonA professional lawncare service in Preston will keep your garden green this coming winter.  As the air gets colder and the days become shorter, plants struggle to survive. Even the toughest grass can become dry and yellow in the coldest months of the year. Extra maintenance and a green thumb is needed to keep a lawn flourishing throughout the year. Luckily, our green thumbs are immune to the cold and are able to offer you a sterling lawncare and garden maintenance service this winter.

If you have brown or yellow lawn in Preston, lawncare service specialists from Greenkeeper Lawncare will provide a lawncare solution tailored to your needs. We will restore your lawn to a lush green in no time. We have taken our professional knowledge of golf course maintenance and adapted it to suit domestic lawns. Our lawncare service generally includes fertilisation, weed control, moss control, scarification treatment, aeration, top dressing, mowing and overseeding. We will analyse what may be causing poor growth, such as insect infestations, soil erosion, too much shade, poor mowing, overgrowing weeds, or just cold temperatures. If your lawn is looking a bit bare, we have an excellent gardening service that can plant winter flowers, bushes and trees to keep things bright and colourful in the cold months. We can regularly maintain your lawn and plants to keep it looking stunning all year round.

We offer our lawncare service in Preston and throughout the UK. Contact Greenkeeper Lawncare to arrange a lawncare service for your home or workplace. Our staff have a minimum qualification of a National Diploma in Sportsturf and are fully qualified to treat your lawn. Say goodbye to weeds, endless hours of mowing and dry, dead grass with the use of our services. Make sure your lawn is immaculate all year round with Greenkeeper Lawncare.