Commercial Lawncare in St Helens

Commercial lawncare in St HelensCommercial lawncare in St Helens is essential to your business. If you have a garden or lawn on your premises it makes sense to keep it looking great. Your clients and prospective clients will judge your company by the look of the garden. A neat, well-kept garden will give the impression of affluence and organisation. An unkempt garden will send the opposite message. Keeping your lawn looking pristine and like a golf green will impress everyone. The affordable and most logic choice for maintenance and upkeep of a garden is someone who is a qualified green keeper. They have the experience and expertise to have your lawns and flower beds looking perfect all the time. You will also save money if you do not have to employ a full-time gardener with all the equipment needed,

When your company’s garden is looking a bit sad in St Helens, commercial lawncare can cheer it up. A bed of flowering plants that is weed free and bright will cheer up staff and customers alike. The service is designed to fit in with your schedule and at your convenience. The mowers and trimmers, as well as the weeding, is undertaken at intervals that the garden dictates. If you need a weekly visit in summer and a twice monthly visit in winter this will be arranged with you. The flower bed can be laid to flower almost continually throughout the year. When flowering is not possible other plants that are attractive will be in the beds like variegated shrubs or ornamental grasses.

Commercial lawncare in St Helens can improve the face of your company. Contact Greenkeeper Lawncare today to find out more about our commercial lawncare services. All our staff have a minimum of a National Diploma in Sportsturf. This means that they are all qualified to keep your gardens and lawns looking beautiful all year round. The cost of lawn and garden maintenance is surprisingly reasonable and affordable. Give your company garden the face lift it deserves.