Lawn Company in Burscough

lawn company in BurscoughAs a well-known lawn company in Burscough, Greenkeeper Lawncare provides a diverse range of services which includes the care of trees, lawns, gardens, sports surfaces and business grounds. When you want your property to look splendid, Greenkeeper Lawncare is the place to call. With constant dedication to quality from the company’s highly professional greenkeepers, you will not be disappointed with the end result. These services are of course provided at very affordable prices. Whether you have a business premises, a football field or a garden to take care of, why not enlist the help of professionals?

In Burscough, lawn company Greenkeeper Lawncare tackles all projects, regardless of scope and size, and in many cases, the bill is less than the cost of DIY methods. This is due to the fact that over the years, the company has accumulated the experience, techniques and equipment to deliver the fastest and most high quality results. Whether it’s general mowing, or hard landscaping, Greenkeeper Lawncare can handle it. Gardens can be a great pain in the neck, since maintaining them is just another one in a long list of chores. Greenkeeper Lawncare provides a comprehensive garden maintenance programme, which is comprised of a service visit every 14 days. This maintenance service covers everything from mowing, strimming, edging, weeding and hoeing to pruning and cutting hedges.

However, Greenkeeper Lawncare is not your regular lawn company in Burscough. With its full tree removal and maintenance service, Greenkeeper Lawncare is able to provide full care for your premises. The tree surgery services on offer include: crown reduction, tree felling, tree thinning, stump grinding and tree pruning. The company offers a free quotation service with no obligation. You can also call in for advice for your own DIY projects, and the team of experts at Greenkeeper Lawncare will gladly share some of their best practices. To find out more about a professional lawn company, contact Greenkeeper Lawncare today.