Groundworks Contractors in Mawdesley, Expert Team Available to Assist

Groundworks Contractors in MawdesleyGreenkeeper Lawncare are groundworks contractors in Mawdesley. Before you buy the land or build the house, call us for a survey so you’ll know if what you are buying will support your building with proper and adequate water drainage. The result might be some work needs to be completed to assure you of a dry basement and properly drained garden. If so, we are the ones you should call. Our long years of service, training and experience in all situations will serve you will. A drainage problem doesn’t have to be a deal breaker when buying property. However, you need a full report of the conditions before you know for sure if this property will serve your needs. Before you plan a new landscape project on your current site, let us evaluate the drainage situation before you proceed.

We are skilled professionals in both groundworks, landscaping and maintenance. In Mawdesley, groundworks contractors from Greenkeeper Lawncare can help you with your home garden, patio and driveway issues. When water puddles on pavers, concrete driveways become pitted with small holes or one corner of your lot always floods, we have solutions.  Each solution is tailored to your specific drainage problem. As specialists, we have the expertise to know and apply an effective remedy. We can see the results of the drainage problem. We have to work backward to trace the cause. We might be able to fix the cause but it’s just as likely we will reroute the water

We are groundworks contractors in Mawdesley and throughout Lancashire. Our areas of expertise extend to commercial and domestic customers. In addition to our groundworks services, our comprehensive service extends to commercial and sport grounds keepers. We work to a very high standard to install and maintain garden and commercial grounds. However, our prices are more than competitive. In fact, we promise to beat anyone else’s price, value for value. Contact Greenkeeper Lawncare when  you need a groundworks contractor. We can turn that boggy area into a lovely flower garden. We could also locate a nice water feature on that spot. First we would assure adequate drainage to stabilise and support a stone waterfall with water loving plants.