Crown Reduction in St Helens

Crown Reduction in St Helens Crown reduction in St Helens is expertly done by Greenkeeper Lawncare, who also provide a comprehensive lawn and tree care service. We are well known and respected for our skill with commercial and domestic lawncare as well as our golf course and other sport field maintenance. We do very well with the regeneration of your lawn or garden area instead of tearing out the whole lawn and starting from dirt. However, lawncare is not just about the turf; it’s also about the health and beauty of your trees. We offer a comprehensive tree service that includes maintenance or removal, regardless of the size of the tree. We are fully trained and equipped with the finest safety gear to get the job done.

Some people, even self professed tree surgeons, confuse the terms tree topping and crown reduction. There is a definite distinction because in St Helens, crown reduction is a beneficial solution to the health and appearance of a tree while topping a tree has a detrimental effect. Topping is used to reduce the height of a tree by cutting the branches to stubs to control the size of the tree. Topping is a short term solution because the massive number of sprouts that emerge grow quickly so the tree is soon as tall as before topping. However it’s not as it was before the topping. If topping has to be done to make a tree safe there is a better way to achieve the same goal.

Crown reduction in St Helens is the solution to large overhanging trees. This particular pruning  cut is undertaken by skilled tree surgeons who know how and where to the tree will produce fewer sprouts where the the branch is laterally cut  to a crotch. The tree will have less height and volume but it will maintain its original growth pattern and retain its strength and beauty. Careless pruning of trees can do a lot of damage when the goal is to preserve. Contact Greenkeeper Lawncare for a lush green lawn and healthy shrubs and trees.We’ll give you a quote  in writing for the crown reduction but feel free to ask us any questions about the care of your trees. We’re happy to share our knowledge and advice.