Crown Reduction in Formby

Crown Reduction in FormbyGreenkeeper Lawncare services are comprehensive, encompassing all groundworks supply and maintenance including crown reduction in Formby. Trees are part of groundworks and must be properly maintained for aesthetics and safety. The reason we conduct crown reduction on trees is customers want the height of the tree reduced. Some feel a tall tree is unsafe so they want to control the height or maybe a too tall tree interferes with satellite service or utility lines. Crown reduction is safe for the tree if undertaken by professionals with extensive knowledge of trees. The process of crown reduction is cut limbs from the top of the canopy shorter but only to the crotch or “V” from which the next lateral branch extends. That lateral branch should be at least as large as one-third the size of the branch cut. That is important for the health of the tree.

Crown reduction should be kept to a maximum of 20% of the tree canopy. In Formby crown reduction of more than 20% can lead the tree into a state of shock. The tree may begin to decline and in your attempt to create a safer tree you have instead created a dangerous tree that could fall to disease. The problem arises when property owners confuse tree topping with crown reduction. Tree topping removes huge upward portions of tree limbs along with full foliage branches. Trees take in nutrients through their foliage so when a large portion of foliage is removed the tree becomes distressed and weakened. One place you can often see trees that have unfortunately been topped is along overhead utility lines. Trucks go down the road and just whack the tops off.

Crown reduction in Formby should only be undertaken by knowledgeable and experienced Greenkeeper Lawncare. Dead branches should always be removed for safety but healthy branches only with careful consideration. You may be surprised to learn there are groundskeepers that think tree topping and crown reduction are the same thing or that it serves the same purpose as pruning. You want to avoid those service providers. Contact Greenkeeper Lawncare for intelligent experienced tree care. We protect the health and beautiful symmetry of your trees which allows them to continue fulfilling their natural function for decades into the future.