Tree Thinning in Preston

Tree Thinning in PrestonProfessional tree care, including tree thinning in Preston, is part of our complete service at Greenkeeper Lawncare. Trees are integral to lawncare so we provide pruning, crown reduction, tree thinning and, when necessary, tree felling and stump grinding. Maintaining a beautiful lawn means allowing sunlight to reach the tree roots and the lawn surrounding the tree. Tree thinning accomplishes that while maintaining the beauty of the tree. We perform selective cutting of overcrowded branches so sun can shine through. A knowledgeable and professional approach to tree thinning is necessary to maintain the integrity of the tree strength and health. You can’t just climb up and whack away at tree limbs.

Left to itself a tree will keep growing and sprouting more and longer branches until the drip line extends far beyond the tree trunk. The canopy eventually blocks out all light necessitating in Preston, tree thinning if you want a lovely landscaped look. Without the trimming, the grass and plants in a wide area around the tree will die out, allowing weeds to take over. No light means mould will form and insect infestations will attack the roots. There is a right way to thin a tree. Each selected branch must have shoots cut at the appropriate angle at the V of the branch not the trunk. Performing the task to allow for ideal symmetry as the tree grows will preserve the health and beauty of the tree.

The job of tree thinning in Preston requires precision, experience and the right equipment. Those who attempt to undertake the task with a ladder and chainsaw are risking their life.  At Greenkeeper Lawncare we have fifteen years’ experience backing up our training and the right safety gear to perform the job expertly and safely. Our prices and professionalism can’t be beaten so contact Greenkeeper Lawncare to maintain the health of your lawn and your trees. Your trees take quite a long time to grow and when one is removed it dramatically changes your landscape and your birds move elsewhere. Depend on us at Greenkeeper Lawncare to maintain all of your lawn.