Tree Thinning in Parbold

tree thinning in ParboldWith winter here, you’re probably thinking of tree thinning in Parbold to ensure that old branches, overhangs and top-heavy trees don’t pose a hazard to your commercial buildings, home or family.Reputed companies like Greenkeeper Lawncare have experience, expertise and knowledge in all aspects of lawn and garden care and can assist you with a range of tree management services like thinning, pruning, crown reduction, stump grinding, and felling. They also give advice on the health and maintenance of your trees and how to save them when they seem not to be doing well. Thinning is very important for maintaining the health and safety aspects of trees and also for creating an attractive and aesthetic landscape. Thinning aims to replicate the natural process of woodlands, when the density and number of trees would reduce as the forest matures.

Tree-management experts at Greenkeeper Lawncare can advise you about the regular maintenance required to keep your woodlands, golf-green or garden in the best of looks and health. In Parbold, tree thinning should ideally be undertaken by woodland or estate owners between 5-10 years after the trees have matured and the woodlands have crossed 15-30 years. This process ensures the health of your trees, provides the right amount of light and space for their optimum growth and also ensures a regular income from the timber. You can also ensure a diversity of species, support different types of bird, insect, plant and animal life.

Tree thinning in Parbold is based on the overall density and type of trees standing on your property. Trees with crooked, cracked or broken trunks, defects, weakness, disease, fungal or pest infestation, tight or weak forks are usually selected for thinning. If the density is high, systematic line-thinning across the forest or property is followed. Otherwise, our experienced professionals can mark the trees and have them removed. At Greenkeeper Lawncare, we help you with all aspects – from removing a single branch to complete felling. Contact Greenkeeper Lawncare for more about our tree thinning services. Felling licenses are required from the Forestry Commission before cutting down trees and all those involved have to ensure that the requisite permissions and licenses have been granted.