Tree Surgeon in Chorley

Tree Surgeon in ChorleyA tree surgeon in Chorley can safely remove any tree that has died or become dangerous with branches that threaten to damage buildings. It is a skilful art that can take years to perfect to avoid causing damage to surrounding objects. We will first ascertain all of the liable to be damaged and then our skilled tree surgeon will probably need to climb the tree in safety gear. Ropes will be attached to the branch and rigged so that the branch when detached from the tree will be controlled at all times. The branch may need to be cut into more manageable pieces to enable the team to safely manoeuvre it to the ground. We can also remove any other branches that will threaten the building in the future.

When a dangerous old tree needs removing in Chorley, tree surgeons are the professionals who can safely bring it down. When a tree dies from age or disease there is a very real possibility of it being blown over in a storm. Once the tree has died it is no longer supple and cannot bend with strong storm gusts. It will either snap in half or blow over exposing the roots. This can often happen when there is heavy rain accompanying the storm. A large old tree like this can break the roof and walls of a house if it is not removed. When it is close to a building it must be dismantled by removing it bit by bit from the top and lowering each piece separately to the ground. We also specialise in pruning trees and managing the growth so that the tree remains well balanced. Some trees have very shallow roots and if they become top heaving in one direction they can uproot and blow over.

Tree surgeon in Chorley is an important part of landscaping. Contact Greenkeeper Lawncare today and get our highly trained tree surgeon to examine any problem trees you may have. Our prices are very affordable and our workmanship is extremely efficient.