Tree Surgeon in Bamber Bridge

Tree Surgeon in Bamber BridgeAmong our many services at Greenkeeper Lawncare is tree surgeon in Bamber Bridge. When we think of the word surgeon we often think of precision. A surgeon, using precise instruments and controlled skill cuts away the bad without harming the good. That is what tree surgeons do and our goal is always to promote and preserve health. Anybody can lop off a low hanging tree limb but only a skilled professional can look at a tree and visualise how to trim it so it grows healthy and perfect. Too many sprouts steal nutrients. Thick top branches block needed sunlight to the roots. Some limbs have grown to great lengths and thickness placing too much weight on one side of the tree. Only a tree surgeon can tell exactly which branches and exactly how much wood needs to be removed.

We have all seen damaged trees after a large storm has travelled through an area. In Bamber Bridge, tree surgeon services may not be needed to spot the downed tree limbs. However, a tree surgeon is needed to inspect the tree for weakened branches that pose a further safety hazard. After losing some branches, a tree may need to be trimmed by a skilled tree surgeon to maintain or regain symmetry and weight balance. It’s healthier for the tree and also creates a pleasing aesthetic. A tree surgeon can look at a tree and know which way it is growing and how it will continue to grow. A little thinning here, a good pruning and maybe a crown reduction is called for will keep the tree beautiful and strong.

Unfortunately our tree surgeon in Bamber Bridge at Greenkeeper Lawncare cannot save every tree. When trees need felling, our tree surgeons can safely manage even the largest of trees. There is a science to tree felling that, when implemented, will bring the tree down in increments that are manageable until only the stump is left. We will grind that down and leave a clean area so new sprouts won’t emerge. Contact Greenkeeper Lawncare if you have concerns about the health and strength of your trees. We will be able to answer your questions and make recommendations that can keep your trees healthy.