Stump Grinding in Chorley

Stump Grinding in ChorleyGreenkeeper Lawn Care counts stump grinding in Chorley among its many services. We offer professional maintenance of sports fields and golf courses, commercial grounds, residential gardens and all areas of tree care. Our goal is always to save your tree so our arborist will diagnose and determine the best course of action. They know their trees and if it needs pruning, feeding or treatment to prevent disease or insect infestation, our professional people will recognize the need and offer the solution. Sometimes the only course of action is to remove dead, diseased and unsightly trees. When that happens our tree cutters have the skill and safety equipment to remove any sized tree safely.

In Chorley, stump grinding is a service often skipped. It is true everywhere. Look around and see how many naked tree stumps are dotting the public and private landscape. Once the tree is down and the immediate danger averted, some fail to take the last step or pay the last bit to have the stump ground down to root level. Most people do not think stumps cause any harm so they do nothing or at most, set a flower pot on it. Meanwhile they spend late spring and early summer pulling tree sprouts, not just from the tree stump but sometime all along the root line. You cut one sprout and three more appear a foot away. As the stump decays you will often have a large crop of unsightly mushrooms. The fungi are doing its job but those mushrooms may be poison for children and pets.

There are other reasons to consider stump grinding in Chorley when either you or nature brings down a tree. Stumps that are cut low to the ground are hazardous because playing children can trip over them, injuring themselves. These stumps become an obstacle to mow around and weeds love them. You end up maintaining an ugly yard ornamental. Look closely at the decaying stump in your yard. Do you see the anthills, beetles and termites piled up? Eventually, those insects will likely make their way into your home. Stump grinding is not free but it could be cheaper in the long run. Greenkeeper Lawn Care will give you a fair price and do a thorough job of grinding the stump on your property. Contact Greenkeeper Lawn Care for more information on stump grinding.