Lawncare Specialist in Southport

Lawncare Specialist in SouthportA lawncare specialist in Southport from Greenkeeper Lawncare is well known and respected in the area. We live up to our reputation as specialist with the most comprehensive knowledge and experience in the area. We don’t just specialise in one or even two areas of lawn care. We are a team of experts prepared to undertake every task associated with beautifying the surrounding landscape. Gardens, lawns, trees, office parks, sports fields and more fall within our area of expertise. The same lawncare that keeps area golf courses green, weed free and lush will do the same for your lawn. We would be pleased to bring our proven methods to your home or commercial property. We may even bring the beauty out of your existing lawn with no need to tear out and start from scratch.

At Greenkeeper Lawncare, we can often refurbish your existing lawn. Through systematic treatment in Southport, our lawncare specialist can bring your lawn back to one you will be proud of. Our methods make use of topsoil, over seeding, weed treatment and fertilization. The attention to detail and consistency of care works to restore your lawn to health. Restoration is less disruptive than striping your lawn, adding tons of topsoil and seeding or laying sod. Once your lawn is restored, we will prepare a maintenance plan to keep it beautiful.  At Greenkeeper Lawncare we can continue with regular maintenance including mowing or you may prefer to take over part or all of the maintenance.  It’s your choice.

Greenkeeper Lawncare offers lawncare specialists in Southport for all segments of your lawn. We can make suggestions for plantings, garden flowers and tree health. We have the knowledge, manpower and equipment to undertake lawncare from small lawns to commercial properties. A well-manicured lawn makes a positive impression for homeowners and business clients. Call us at Greenkeeper Lawncare and we will arrange for a survey of your property and get your ideas on what you would like to see. Our estimates are free and we’re glad to offer suggestions.