Lawncare Service in Bamber Bridge

Lawncare Service in Bamber BridgeOur lawncare service in Bamber Bridge is comprehensive in all aspects. We provide a wide range of service to improve and enhance your lawn. If there are damp areas in the garden we can build drains in such a way that they are functional without being visible. The building of drains is not a straight forward process and it takes many years of experience to successfully remedy boggy and waterlogged land. Our knowledge from years of green keeping is invaluable in providing some of the best lawn care services available. We deal with all aspects of lawn care including weeding, fertilising and mowing. If your lawn is tired and dull there is no need to worry as we can have it looking perfect in no time at all.

Many people are not sure what to do when their grass is patchy or thin. In Bamber Bridge, lawncare service and rejuvenation of problem lawns is our speciality. We will first identify the problem and offer advice on the root cause which may be insect infestation or lack of necessary minerals.  Trees can cause grass under them to die or become thin. Mowing the lawn too short can have an effect on the growth. Our programmes include fertilisation, weed control, moss control, scarification, aeration, top dressing and over seeding. Some or all of these treatments may be necessary to ensure a perfect, lush green lawn.

We provide specialist lawncare service in Bamber Bridge with experience garnered from years of golf course care. Contact Greenkeeper Lawncare today and find out how our knowledge can be turned into giving your lawn the best care available. We are fully qualified Greenkeepers and have the knowhow to turn your garden into an immaculate and well kept area that will be the pride of your home or office. Not only are we expert at lawn care but we also offer spectacular landscaping projects for those who want a garden that offers stunning views. All of our team are fully qualified with at least a National Diploma in Sportsturf. We also offer tree care and horticulture and take care of sports grounds. Our groundworks team specialise in large area of lawn in office complexes