Lawn Company in Wigan

Lawn Company in WiganUse the services of a lawn company in Wigan for a beautiful garden with a fantastic lawn.We are fully qualified greenkeepers in all aspects of lawn care, including treatment, and we have the necessary experience to provide a tailored solution to meet your needs. At Greenkeeper Lawncare, we offer a specialist lawn care service. A large number of the lawns we work with are lawns that need specialist attention. If your lawn is suffering from years of neglect, we can turn them into a lush, green and beautiful space.

Consider our lawn regeneration programme if your lawn has seen better days. In Wigan, our lawn company will assess the condition of your lawn to determine the best way to bring it back to a beautiful state. Instead of returfing your lawn, we choose from a variety of techniques to get your lawn back into shape. We will determine the root cause of the problem, whether it is caused by shade from trees, mowing your lawn too infrequently or in the incorrect way, insect infestation and the damage caused by animals such as badgers, or foxes, or the soil structure. When the cause of the state of the lawn has been established, a programme can be put into place to combat these effects.

Our lawn company in Wigan has several programmes designed to bring your sad looking lawn back to its former glory. To find out more about the services of a professional lawn company, contact Greenkeeper Lawncare. We use seasonal applications of fertilisers and selective herbicides to ensure that your grass has the right nutrient levels for a healthy deep green colour and a lush growth. We will also include treatments for moss, fungal diseases, thatch, insect infestation, and compaction. If you decide that you need assistance with mowing your lawn, we can provide either a once off service or a regular mowing service, as you require it. Bring your lawn back to life with a professional lawn company and enjoy the benefits of beautiful green grass in your garden.