Lawn Company in St Helens

Lawn Company in St HelensWhen your teenagers become as busy as their working parents it might be time to hire a lawn company in St Helens. Sure, you want the kids to learn to pitch in and take some responsibility for their home but that’s hard to enforce when they’re busy with studies, part-time jobs, sports and worthy organisations. So cut them some slack and let Greenkeeper Lawncare take over lawn maintenance for your home. We do the seasonal preparation so your lawn and garden remains strong and healthy year after year. Trees are pruned to maintain the symmetry and safety that leads to a long beautiful life. We can tend the flower beds if you prefer and we can design colour into your garden.

Our lawn care service is affordable and tailored to meet your need and budget. In St Helens, our lawn company has the best equipment and tools to make short work of any lawn task. Imagine a beautiful garden waiting for your family to gather evenings and weekends to catch up with each other and entertain friends. Add magic twinkle with landscape lighting. Water features are so relaxing you might want to add a lovely pond with waterfall cascading through coloured lights. Ornamental size trees and shrubs create a lush vibrant environment. We can create garden ambiance you can’t wait to relax and enjoy. Then we keep it lush with careful maintenance to prevent overgrowth.

Perhaps you need a lawn company in St Helens to tend to acreage. Our experience includes sports fields and golf courses so we can green up and thicken the grass on your large property and the keep it cut so it looks like velvet. If you’re tired of mud season replacing spring at your house, we may be able to solve your dilemma with strategic drainage in those low lying areas. We have fifteen years’ experience in the lawn care business serving both commercial and domestic customers. Each project, large or small, is important to us and we’re grateful to our loyal and impressive customer base. Contact us for lawn care and let us give you a price quote. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how affordable our services are.