Lawn Company in Parbold

Lawn Company in ParboldSummer is a busy time of the year and you may need a lawn company in Parbold to keep up with your garden. We offer a specialist lawn care service by taking our years of experience on the golf course and using it to suit the domestic environment. Many of the lawns are regeneration projects and we turn the failing lawns into lush, green spaces. Instead of planting new turf we use a range of techniques to get lawns back into shape after years of neglect. Weedy lawns, mossy lawns and thread bare lawns are where we show our expertise. We find the root cause of the problem which can vary from infrequent mowing or bad mowing practices to insect infestation or very shady trees. Once we have established what the problem is we work to correct it.

You will want to sit outdoors and enjoy a healthy, luxurious lawn in the long summer evenings. In Parbold, lawn company experience can do this with fertilisation, weed control, moss control, scarification, aeration, top dressing and overseeding. Grass needs a fertile and nutritious top layer of soil to grow well and establish strong roots. After a time the soil runs out of the necessary nutrients to help the grass grow. Once we have the lawn back in shape and growing well we attend periodically to make sure that it stays in shape. We design a bespoke programme of seasonal applications of fertilisers and selective herbicides that ensures your grass has the right nutrient levels for a healthy deep green colour and lush growth. As qualified greenkeepers we have the years of experience in tending to all types of grass.

If you want a quality lawn then come to our lawn company in Parbold. Golf courses have some of the most beautiful and well maintained lawns anywhere. The greens are perfect in all aspects and we can provide the expertise for your lawn too. Contact Greenkeeper Lawncare today if you want to have a lawn that is soft and beautiful. Our fully qualified staff all have at least a National Diploma in Sportsturf.