Groundworks Contractors in Eccles, Excellent Workmanship at Affordable Prices

Groundworks Contractors in EcclesGroundworks contractors in Eccles, Greenkeeper Lawncare, is more than one of the finest landscaping companies around. As we have groundworks specialists on our staff, we can tackle many problems at their origin, which is under the ground where it all begins. Proper drainage is essential to the success of any landscaping project. That’s true if it’s a golf course, your back garden or the foundation of your new home. It’s important to address the drainage before driveways, patios and garden sheds are built. Groundwork is a speciality with its own set of knowledge about how things work. In particular, how does the water run on your property? Sometimes it’s necessary to direct more water to an area or drain it away before anything is done above ground.

Our team has qualified groundworks specialists on staff to manage drainage issues we encounter in our commercial and domestic landscaping and hardscaping projects. Generally in Eccles, groundworks contractors are first on-site. The work is specialised and tailored to each individual location. Getting the drainage just right is a speciality but it goes hand in hand with our more visible handiwork above ground. We carry out our work throughout Lancashire at prices that are very affordable. Without this preliminary step of groundworks, you could be wasting money on everything that comes after. Beautiful healthy turf and plants depend on a properly watered root system. The appearance and longevity of paver patios and driveways depend on stable ground. 

We are groundworks contractors in Eccles, horticulturists and landscapers. If you have the need to utilise all our skills and experience for your project, we are certain you will be satisfied with the results. Often our customers need just one of our skilled services and often that is groundworks. For instance, call us before the foundation of your new home is dug. Any redirecting of water is far easier and economical to do before the foundation goes in than after. Don’t just assume everything is okay below ground. Contact Greenkeeper Lawncare and let our groundworks skills assure you of a successful project. This could be the most important money you spend on the project.