Garden Maintenance in St Helens

garden maintenance in St HelensRegular garden maintenance in St Helens is a must if you want to keep your grounds in tip top condition.Garden maintenance requires more than just a quick clean up and trim to make it look good for the client. Long term care and attention is as important for the garden to flourish. If not properly cared for, your place can start to look drab and lifeless with dead patches cropping up all over the place. Good planning ahead is necessary to sustain a micro climate that encourages the growth of your garden.

In St Helens, garden maintenance is thoughtfully undertaken by the experts at Greenkeeper Lawncare. They have experience in the demanding world of maintaining golf greens and they are able to bring that expert knowledge right into the garden at your home. They have a plan that will keep your lawns looking healthy and lush throughout their year. All it will take is visits to you on a bi-monthly schedule that will ensure your lawns are healthy and growing in the right places throughout the year. They have trimming and edging methods that will result in a well-defined garden that doesn’t encroach on your pavements and roads. They will tailor make a program that will suit your unique environment and offer sound advice on pest or moss control. Weeds take up space where a lawn should be, so they also offer a comprehensive supply of different herbicides to keep them at bay.

Garden maintenance in St Helens is diligently undertaken by the professionals at Greenkeeper Lawncare. Part of their program entails the regeneration of dying lawns. This is often caused by the regular passing of animals and other forms of constant traffic. Their years of hands-on experience enables them to offer you well-guided solutions to take your garden up to its best potential. The longer you wait to phone the quicker your problem will grow out of control. So don’t hesitate call Greenkeeper Lawncare a call to arrange an on-site inspection to determine your exact needs. For more information about a garden maintenance service, contact Greenkeeper Lawncare.