Garden Maintenance in Parbold

Garden Maintenance in ParboldHiring Greenkeeper Lawncare for garden maintenance in Parbold may seem like a luxury. That’s especially true if you grew up in a family where Dad and the kids spent Saturday mornings sprucing up the garden before they were cut loose to enjoy their weekend. It may make you feel guilty, spending money when you could do the job yourself. We want to share some information with you that might set you free earlier on Saturdays. We have installed many beautiful lawns and gardens for homeowners that are colourful, healthy and lush. If we continue weekly maintenance, the lawn and garden maintains its health and beauty with only two or three hours a week, depending on size, of our time. If the homeowner assumes maintenance, the garden may continue to look okay.

Unfortunately, garden maintenance by the homeowner sometimes results in the loss of robust vigour and intense colour. In Parbold, garden maintenance is undertaken but spotty bare spots appear in the grass and plants may look droopy. Every year it loses a little more vibrancy. It’s really not the homeowners fault. For most working people garden maintenance is a time consuming chore. It requires knowledge of various plants, fertilisers, weeding and feeding on a schedule and watering, sometimes every day. The price of fertiliser, weed killer and insect control solutions for garden maintenance is always high at the home improvement shop.

Like most, yours is a family on the go and garden maintenance in Parbold doesn’t fit into your agenda.  One kid has a ball game and the other a dance lesson. There’s shopping to do and paperwork in the office. It would be nice to just walk away and play golf. Go ahead but call us first at Greenkeeper Lawncare. We have the tools, equipment and knowledge to maintain your garden. We have our own solutions for weed, feed and insect control at a fraction of what you had to pay. We know when, where and how much to apply so your grass doesn’t turn orange.  You work hard and two hours a week of lawn care service by professionals is certainly closer to a necessity than a luxury and so is our costs. You still need to water a few times a week. Just think of it as a little me-time.