Garden Maintenance in Liverpool

Garden Maintenance in LiverpoolKeeping up with garden maintenance in Liverpool can be difficult. You love the thought of having a well-manicured garden but aren’t so crazy about the effort that goes into maintaining one! Of course, you can’t just leave your garden unattended. What would that say about you as the homeowner? The solution for this sort of dilemma is professional garden maintenance. Where can you find such services?

If you reside in Liverpool, garden maintenance services are offered by Greenkeeper Lawncare. Our garden maintenance programme is quite popular with homeowners. It is a yearlong programme, designed to keep your lawn healthy and neat. Every two weeks, our team will arrive at your home to trim, mow and edge your garden. We also provide hoeing and weeding. If the hedges require cutting or pruning, we will provide these services as well. We are able to provide specialist lawn services because we have transferred our expertise golf course management to the domestic lawn care environment. Many of the projects that we tackle involve lawn regeneration, so we start off with a lawn that is failing and transform it into a green and lush landscape. In our opinion, lawn regeneration is a better option than turfing. There is no lawn issue that we cannot tackle, whether they be mossy lawn, weedy lawn, or lawns that lack life and colour. Apart from providing lawn care, we will also assess the root cause of your lawn’s poor health which could be insect infestation, damage caused by foxes and badgers, poor soil structure, poor mowing practices, mowing infrequently and shady trees. Most of our programs include week control, scarification, fertilisation, over seeding, top dressing and aeration.

If your lawn looks like it has seen better days, then you can benefit from garden maintenance in Liverpool. Contact Greenkeeper Lawncare today and take advantage of the comprehensive garden maintenance services we provide. A healthy lawn speaks volumes about your home and who you are as a person. Make a great impression all year long with Greenkeeper Lawncare’s services.