Experienced Groundworks Contractors in Bolton for Your Commercial Property

Groundworks Contractors in Bolton Greenkeeper Lawncare are groundworks contractors in Bolton. We are often the first on site when a project begins. The groundwork, which is our area of expertise, needs proper preparation before buildings, patios, brick walkways, gardens or sports fields are built. There are different ground factors affecting the outcome of each type of project. However, for all uses drainage and the proper flow of water is critical. Once that is achieved the ground usually needs to be levelled for whatever comes next. When that’s a building we are specialists in all types of foundations. When what comes next is landscaping, our staff will prepare the ground, install the lawn, playing field, garden and or patio.

We implement maintenance programmes to keep your commercial grounds looking their best year round. In Bolton, groundworks contractors from our staff can provide you with a free quote based on our on-site visit. While we’re there, we will determine the scope of maintenance for each area throughout the year. That might include regular mowing, and a quarterly weed and feed for lawns. Tree trimming, root feeding and mulching for trees. Freshening up flowerbeds and maintaining a fertilising regimen for blooming plants and shrubs. Generally, an overall clean-up is warranted between fall and winter and then again in the spring. We have a comprehensive list of services from which you may choose. Choose all, a few or just one or two.

Our groundworks contractors in Bolton are highly qualified and experienced specialists in all areas of groundworks and maintenance. During the fifteen years we’ve been in business, we’ve built up an excellent reputation for dedication to excellence at the lowest possible price. Each service is tailored to the specific needs of the job and the preferences of the customer. Groundworks is not often straightforward but short of being in a floodplain, we generally accomplish the goal to the customers satisfaction. The work must be done correctly by groundskeeper with our level of knowledge and expertise to endure. Contact Greenkeeper Lawncare for a quote on your groundworks project. We guarantee customer satisfaction.