Drainage Contractors in Burscough can Address all Your Landscaping Needs

Drainage Contractors in Burscough Greenkeeper Lawncare, drainage contractors in Burscough, address all of your landscaping needs. Drainage problems have multiple sources. Among the most common is building on too shallow a slope for water to drain away from the foundation. Even if your home has a basement, if the land around it is flat with no slope, during heavy rains, water will come in. If there is no basement, you can expect water damage to the structure. Before you build, check with your contractor to ensure he will backfill the site to create a minimum slope of 3% before building. Your home may have never had drainage issues in years past but you’re starting to notice water build up around the foundation. This can be caused by a damaged guttering system, soil erosion or recent hardscape additions.

Time and alterations in ground use can set up a drainage problem where one never before existed. In Burscough, drainage contractors should be consulted before altering your landscape. Ten years in a house, during which walkways and patios near the foundation have been added can interrupt the flow of drain water. If drainage has not been planned for before installing the hardscape, you may have created a dam that collects water all around your house.  Your home may sit high and dry but lower ground areas are boggy and never seem to dry out. We can reclaim that land and create a lovely garden area. In fact, most of your drainage problems have a solution.

As drainage contractors in Burscough, we implement the necessary solution for each problem. Sometimes that means laying new drainage lines and other times we build up the soil to improve the slope. Beautiful gardens can be planted with water loving plants in boggy areas by disbursing the water through a gravel catch basin. Contact Greenkeeper Lawncare and we can help you plan the use of your land by first planning for proper drainage. Flooding cannot always be resolved with one solution. Your best land use may depend on multiple drainage remedies including, landfill, new drainage tile, gutter repositioning, creating a basin and installation of pumps. We are thoroughly trained and experienced in land management and complex drainage problems and solutions.