Drainage Contractors in Bamber Bridge

Drainage Contractors in Bamber BridgeAt Greenkeeper Lawncare, we serve as our own drainage contractors in Bamber Bridge. When we undertake the job of landscaping, landscaping maintenance and hardscaping our team meets the qualifications and is highly experienced in the area of drainage. Managing the flow of water on landscaped property is necessary for the healthy growth of plants and grass. It’s essential for playing turf. You look at a golf course, soccer or cricket field that we have installed and you see beautifully maintained grounds for safe play. In order to get the field in playing condition, we have to eliminate any drainage problems. You want the ground to dry quickly after rains so games can be played as scheduled. So, the drainage system needs to be designed and installed before the turf is laid.

Perhaps, when the field first came into use as a sports field the drainage was naturally adequate. In Bamber Bridge, drainage contractors know if a developer builds houses and streets on adjacent open land there is less open land to absorb the water. Now the playing field does not drain adequately so a system must be designed after the fact. We can do that as part of our landscaping and maintenance project. When domestic gardens and aesthetically pleasing commercial landscaping are created, without proper drainage, flood areas can develop and drown the plant roots. We do not have to call in outside drainage contractors for our projects. Our team has fifteen years’ experience and are well qualified to manage the whole project.

Greenkeeper Lawncare, drainage contractors in Bamber Bridge, find it necessary to repair or replace existing drainage systems at times. If water starts backing up there could be a blockage in the drain tile from rodents and vegetation or old drain tile may be disintegrating. Sometimes our best drainage system is gravity and a retention pond which solves the water problem and turns it into an aesthetically pleasing landscaping feature. Contact Greenkeeper Lawncare for all your landscaping needs; domestic, commercial and sports fields. Proper drainage is the first step for a successfully completed project. We guarantee to manage the initial ground preparations professionally so the finished project fulfils its intended purpose.