Tree Thinning in Leyland

Tree Thinning in LeylandTree thinning in Leyland is a process we groundskeepers use to improve or maintain the health of trees. We selectively remove trees that interfere with the overall health and appearance of your landscape. In the simplest of situations, we would remove dead or dying trees to make way for healthy trees to survive. Scrub trees that are weak and can’t flourish would also be removed. This leaves more space and nutrients for healthy trees to thrive. The need for thinning may result if an old treed area has been neglected for a long time. Volunteer trees will sprout and crowd out healthy trees and larger trees will block the sun from smaller trees resulting in an unattractive growth pattern. Another form of tree thinning is the removal of old heavy branches that crowd out new growth.

Property owners of flat open land may go to an auction and buy a lot of trees; the lots often contain different species and family or helpers will plant them all over the open land. For those homeowners in Leyland, tree thinning is the farthest thing from their minds. They are looking forward to those trees growing and having a lovely wooded property area. When planting the trees everyone reads the instructions about planting the trees four to eight feet apart. However they are certain that can’t be right. The trees are small and the space looks too great. So they nudge the trees three to four feet apart. A few years of growth later and they need thinning so some can survive.

Tree thinning in Leyland should be undertaken by professionals and we are qualified to undertake tree maintenance. It can be a big job and a dangerous one if you lack the right training and equipment. There is also the need to know where to cut. As greenskeepers, we offer a full service for both commercial and domestic properties. Municipal tree thinning along public roadways is another area we serve. Contact Greenkeeper Lawncare and talk to one of our tree surgeons about the tree issue you may be having. If you just need some advice, we’re always glad to share our knowledge and expertise. With just a little attention, your trees will grace your lawns with beauty and shade for decades.