Lawncare Specialist in Bolton

Lawncare Specialist in BoltonUsing the right lawncare specialist in Bolton will change the look of your garden. You may be wondering what all the fuss is about. Surely a lawn just needs to be watered regularly and mown at intervals? While both of these are important to maintaining a lawn, for a stunning looking lawn, there are a few more aspects to consider. You may also not have sufficient time to pay enough attention to your lawn. It makes perfect sense to hire a professional who is experienced and specialises in the proper maintenance and care of lawns and gardens.

If your patch of grass is looking untidy and poorly kept in Bolton, a lawncare specialist can determine what is causing the problem. A proper maintenance plan can be put into place to ensure that the lawn remains beautiful looking and healthy, all year through. We specialise in keeping lawns looking their best. From our experience as golf course managers, and adapting it to domestic situations, we can provide a second to none lawncare service. Specialising in the regeneration of lawns, we can take a sad, failing lawn and restore it to something to be proud of – a lush, healthy lawn. We can work with very weedy lawns, very mossy lawns and lawns that are bare and lacking in colour and vigour. First, we will determine and advise on the cause of the problem. This could be the result of too much shade from trees, infrequent mowing, poor mowing practice, or insect infestation. It could also be a result of damage from animals such as badgers, foxes, or even the soil structure.

A lawncare specialist in Bolton will use a number of programmes such as fertilisation, weed control, moss control, scarification and aeration to bring your lawn up to shape. Once the lawn is looking as it should, we would implement a maintenance programme to ensure it stays lush and healthy. If you need the assistance of a lawncare specialist, contact Greenkeeper Lawncare. We can provide an affordable quote for quality lawncare services. Regain the lush and beautiful looking lawn and use our lawncare specialist.